Stop The Summer Slide!


Summer vacation is around the corner and with summer comes the threat of the dreaded summer slide.  After an entire school year of hard work your child is at risk for losing an average of two months of academic skills.

The good news is that the summer slide can be prevented with summer learning. Do not fret, tackling summer learning does not have to be complicated. Creating a summer learning plan can be simple and begins by determining your child’s needs. Below are questions to consider regarding your child and ways to support their summer learning.

Did your child struggle with a specific subject this school year?

  • Focus on that subject by relearning concepts your child struggled with.
  • Consider hiring an expert tutor in that specific subject.

Is your child anxious about transitioning to a new grade or new school?

  • Spend time introducing new concepts during the summer to help your child feel more confident in their transition.

Your child had an amazing school year and you would hate for their learning spree to end during the summer?

  • Encourage summer learning by challenging your child with new learning opportunities!

Happy summer learning!

Need specific ideas on how to create a summer learning plan for your child? Follow I Love Reading Tutoring

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