8 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

Ever considered tutoring as an option to help your son or daughter succeed in school? Not sure where to look, where to start, or who to talk to? As parents, you want the best for your child, no matter what that entails.

But if you’re confused and trying to find a jumping off point, here are some important signs, some small and some a little bigger, that your student might benefit from getting just a little extra help outside of the classroom!

Slipping Grades 

No mom or dad likes to see a red marked report card. But sometimes, when a child’s grades are slipping, it’s not something that can be easily fixed or mended with a little extra study session. If you notice that your child is bringing home grades that are low or not as high as you know they are capable of, it might be time to start thinking about exploring tutoring options. It might be just one subject, or even one topic within a class that they are struggling with. And remember, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. More and more parents and looking for different ways and resources to help their students be the very best they can be.

Poor Time Management 

Ever notice that your child can’t seem to get something done on time? If it’s a homework assignment, a fill in study guide, or even a book report. Poor time management skills might seem from the outside looking in like just another hurdle to get over. However, in reality, poor time management might be a precursor to something bigger ahead. If you notice your child is presenting with any of these small issues and want to help, consider looking into tutoring methods outside of the additional classroom activity.

Confusion About Projects 

No matter what the subject, kids all learn, thrive and grow differently. It’s important to ask questions but it’s even more important to get really good answers. If your student has a certain subject or topic that seems impossible for them to tackle, they might be struggling more than you know. Confusion about take home projects, essays, math problems, all these road blocks are not just red flags concerning your child’s education, but they are also a tell tale sign that your son or daughter needs a little more help.

No Progress 

If there seems to be something slowing your child down, it might be another sign that they would benefit from private, public, or online tutoring. If there is little to no progress being made within classes and subjects, it might be a good idea to think about having a conversation with your child about where they are and where they would like to be. It’s all about taking in one step at a time, but if there’s something that you know can be fixed with a little extra practice or a little more time, then think about exploring tutoring options in all the forms that it comes in. When there’s a will, there’s a way!

Bad Attitude About School 

It’s normal for kids to have mixed feelings about school. However, the goal is to teach them and let them excel in a safe and educational environment. If your son or daughter dreads school, complains constantly every morning or afternoon, or even makes up reasons and excuses as to why they don’t want to go or are not looking forward to going, that is a serious sign. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about the bigger picture or problem. If students hate school, it might have something to do with the ways that they are struggling academically. It could come in the form of temper tantrums, long and drawn out fights, or even faking sick. Whatever problems you have experienced, it’s all completely normal if your child feels like they are failing.

Lack of Confidence 

Even as adults, we all struggle with self image and having the ability to believe in ourselves no matter what. But with kids, it can be much worse. If you son or daughter appears to be lacking or losing confidence, it might have something to do with their school environment and how much they believe in themselves when it comes to a variety of subjects. While it might be a difficult question and or conversation to have, it’s one that is well worth it. Being able to be confident in what they are learning and how they are learning will lead to a higher success rate for all kinds of students.

Trouble Concentrating 

If you as a parent notice that your child seems to be having trouble sticking to one thing or getting a point across, it might be time to consider tutoring. Not only will getting outside of classroom assistant really help your student get extra help and support, but it’s also an amazing tool to help them really show what they are made of. The more that a child sees his or her own positive progress and growth, the more that they will actually want to focus in school. One step at a time and little by little, your child will be able to retain more information. Even if it’s just a couple of in person or online sessions. Once your son or daughter puts in that little extra effort, you’ll be amazed with the results and so will they!


As parents, you know when there’s something really wrong with your child. Even if it’s something small, like a change in attitude or behavior, there’s something to be said about a whole pile of small things turning into a very serious problem. One of the signs that your child might need a little help academically is if you see them portraying a sense of hopelessness. This might look like giving up on homework, not following through with an essay or out of class project, or even getting down on themselves when they’re sitting at the kitchen table studying for a test. Kids express emotions in all kinds of different ways. And it’s important, as we all know, to pay attention to those signs. Something as simple as getting them an instructor that is not a teacher figure can really help.

No matter if you’ve read this list and can relate to one or all of these signs, each and every one is important to take note of. If your child seems to be having more trouble than not lately in regards to school, it might be time to do a little reading and research yourself.

Talk to your sons and daughters, talk to their teachers, and find out just how much or how little help or motivation they might need to get the job done. School can be challenging in all kids of ways for all different kinds of students. But it doesn’t have to be! Learning should be fun! And your child should be excelling in school. And if tutoring can help help your students true into the very best versions of themselves, then start that journey together today!




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