Highly Effective Study Habits

Everyone knows that studying can be a hard thing! That’s no secret of course. But when it comes to the ways that help students get back on track, there’s a ton of ways, big and small, that can really make a difference. While most of them might seem like pure common sense, there are always plenty of small things that parents and teachers might not have thought about.


Getting Organized 

This one seems very obvious, but getting prepared in this way can help with everything before and after studying! Knowing where all materials and papers are makes study easier and overall less stressful.

Knowing the Expectations

No matter what the subject, it never hurts to make sure that students are ahead of the curve. So, when getting ready to break out the flash cards and practice tests, make sure that you know what’s going to be on the exam before you even start studying!

Having a Study Area 

This might seem like a study hack that doesn’t seem too important. But having a space where students can concrete without any outside noise is sometimes all they need to really absorb the information. When they can really get down to it, you’d be surprised how much more confident they can be going into testing in general.

Study Groups 

Having more than one person to study with can really help students! It doesn’t matter the size, but having peers around to make sense of the information, whatever topic it might be, really does help.

Bring Nothing You Don’t Need 

When preparing to study, one of the best things that students can do for themselves is just eliminate distractions. No phones, no computers, nothing that will take attention away from the information that they need to take in.

Use Memory Games 

Gamification can really help when it comes to making studying more effective and even more fun. Try making notecards and then flipping them all upside and playing the game where students have to guess the content of the card. It might seem like a little bit of waste, but it’s proven that small things like this simple game can actually improve students test scores.

Note Taking 

When trying to student for anything, students should always refer back to notes. Meaning that instead of trying to study new information, it helps to go back to what they have already written down and go from there.

Don’t Study Too Much at Once 

This goes a long with the key habit mentioned above. When studying, students should not try and take in too much information at once. They have to be able to focus on one thing if they want to make any progress.

Having a Specific Study Time 

Most of the time, students know when and where the test is going to take place and they also know well in advance. So, making a study plan and practicing that study plan over and over at the same time of the day really helps the student remember everything from vocabulary words to history dates.

Overall, there are a million ways to make studying better. Mostly it depends on the student and how they learn best. You can always ask teachers or even tutoring professional what they think will work best for the specific student.




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