2019 Year in Review

by Dr. Charice Hayes, Founder
All 4 One Tutoring had a little comeback from its downs in 2018. We were able to expand and extend partnerships. We were also able to add to our staff. Here are some of things we were able to accomplish in 2019. 

We continued our partnership with Eutaw Marshburn Elementary school in Baltimore City. We partnered with DEILAB and Smart Learning Solutions to run a STEM program once again for the 2019-2020 school year. 
This partnership is also with Promise Heights via the University of Maryland. Thank you to Principal Tiffany Cole at Eutaw Marshburn Elementary, Vice Principal Spears, and those at Promise Heights.
Our Board Chair, Thomas Hayes, was able to secure a steering committee position with STEMBoard. Over the summer, he was able to successfully help start a free Summer Scholar Program. A huge thank you to Dr. Jarvis Sulcer and those at STEMBoard.
In addition, Mr. Hayes was able to secure a contract with ThinkStretch. We will be able to support ThinkStretch’s mission of stopping the lost of learning through their proven program. Special thanks to Bruce Henson.
Maryland Collegiate STEM Conference
Myself and Board Chair, Thomas Hayes, were delighted to be presenters at the Maryland Collegiate STEM Conference. This event was hosted at Baltimore City Community College . We were able to showcase what we do as a company and show how STEM can lead to a successful career pathway.
Once again, we were able to hire staff. We hired an administrative assistant and a social media person, Leslie Clarke. We hired 4 tutors (both face-to-face and online). We also brought a blog content contributor on-board, Josie Griffith. Check out one of her blog posts here. We are looking forward to bringing more staff on-board.
Office Home 
Yes, we are still looking for an office home. Once again, this year has been an on and off process of searching for our office home. Hopefully, in 2020, we can secure an office home again.
Yes, with all of the good things that happened and promising things we hope to be fruitful, we are still at a 2% decrease for both income and net profit. It takes time, and it is a process, but we are still tactically working to support our strategic goals.
What’s Next 
As I stated in last year’s Year in Review, being the founder/owner of such a blossoming, rewarding, and empowering organization is an honor and will continue to be an honor. Working together as a team to achieve a common goal, manifests the ultimate success which allows us to contribute to positive social change. What we have planned for 2020 is:
  • to expand to the state of Georgia (still in the making and a goal).
  • to develop more on-demand courses (still in the making and a goal).
  • to increase our international client base.
  • to hire more staff.
  • to continue to develop more partnerships.
  • to be more involved in the community.
  • to find our office home.
  • to increase revenue and profit.
Special Thanks 
I would like to give a special thank you to those who have positively contributed to the company. From staff member, partners, and all other stakeholders. I’d also like to thank Chris McKenzey for providing monetary donations. He is the proud owner of Chrismckradio.com. Thank you to all who value what we do!
Let’s see each other prosper in 2020!! 

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