Best Places to Study, No Matter Where You Live

Studying for any subject or test can be extremely difficult if you have a hard time focusing. And while it might seem like there’s nothing that can help and no place to feel comfortable, it’s all about who you are and where you feel the most productive. There are tons of places, both public and private that can really set students into overdrive.


This is a common one but with good reason. Being in a nice quiet environment can really boost creativity and help students make sure that they are doing nothing but the tasks on hand. It helps that most literary spaces like this have quiet hours, or even private student rooms that students can use anytime they feel the need. And the best part? Most libraries are free and open to the public. So, if you feel like you really need to conquer some big tests or start an essay, this is the place to go!

Coffee Shops 

While coffee shops do provide a great dinning and social scene, they can also be really great places to hit the books. Because coffee shops often times have free wifi, comfortable seating, as well as open tables so you can spread out, it’s the perfect solution to being able to maintain and build good study habits. The laid back environment might be just the thing you need to really start preparing for whatever task is around your corner.

Study With Friends 

It’s true! There’s power in numbers and when it comes to academic work, working with friends or even just peers who are in the same classes and working on the same subjects as you really helps. Not only can you bounce ideas off of one another, but you can also form solid study habits and be accountable when you don’t stick to them! Try forming a study group, picking a place, and attending weekly meetups to make sure that you and your study bubbies are following through.

Tutoring Centers

This spaces offer a variety of help, and a good place to focus on whatever it is that you need to accomplish is one of them! Centers often times have computer labs, study resources, as well as professional that have more insights on studying and how to get things done the best way depending on what you find helpful.

Food Halls 

While your city or area might not have a ton of these, if they do, places like this make studying even more fun! With large tables and vendors all over you can grab a caffeinated drinks or even a bite to eat (brain food of course) and get right down to it. These spaces are great because no one expects you to be in and out. So that means you have all the more time to get everything checked off on your list.

Depending on where you live, finding a place to study can be a huge list or a not so big one. But the whole idea is to get out of your comfort zone and allow yourself not to be distracted with the everyday hustle and bustle. If you find yourself losing attention wherever you are, try some place new. The possibilities are endless and when it comes to making sure that you have it all together on the day of the big test, it’s important to remember that studying doesn’t have to be a big, scary thing. And wherever you chose to learn, whether it be conventional or not, it’s all about what makes you the most comfortable!



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