Going Over Homework


by Dr. Charice Hayes, CEO

Over the past few years, we have been asked by potential clients and clients for our tutors to go over homework. Our response to that is that we don’t go over homework, but we provide homework assistance/help. Let’s explain.

-Going over homework does not instill skills for autonomy.

-To promote autonomy, we promote and use effective research-based modeling.

-Once a client displays independence with that skill, he/she will be comfortable with doing his/her own homework assignment.

All of our tutors are trained in research-based techniques. We are in the business of not only improving content/skill level and grades, but character too.


Professional Tutoring at Affordable Prices


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We offer tutoring services online or face-to-face, and we don’t charge outrageous hourly fees. Private tutoring was once thought of as something a wealth family did and could afford, but now all types of people and families acquire tutoring.

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In Your Language


All 4 One Tutoring gives you the option of viewing our website in your target language. Since we service clients globally, we thought it would be convenient to let our prospective clients /clients get a better understanding of what we do in their language.