Six is the Number


by Dr. Charice Hayes, CEO

All 4 One Tutoring™ has made it to 6 years in business. Just to think 6 years ago we were solely an online tutoring company mostly servicing international clients. Now 6 years later, we offer so much more (face-to-face tutoring, after-school programming, professional development and training, and writing services). Thanks to a team of people, we were able to expand our services both in B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business).

According to Forbes, 7 out of 10 new small business employer firms survive at least 2 years, half at least 5 years, a third at least 10 years, and a quarter stay in business 15 years or more. All 4 One Tutoring made it over the 5 year mark as a small business. We have so much in store over the next 4 years when we’ll be in our 10th year of operation. Thank you to every tutor, teacher, manager, and partner who have played an integral role. Happy 6 Years in Business!


A New School Year


by Intern

Well, a new school year is upon us. All 4 One Tutoring is prepping for another awesome and meaningful school for our clients and potential clients. We are so excited!

We began to test our iPads, tablets, and headphones. They get the most usage in our after-school program. We do so many engaging and enriching activities with them!

Testing, testing


Pairing activities not only engages students, but they also show how students can support on another to complete a task or assignment.

Pairing activity

School Supplies

For those school-aged clients who participated in our summer learning tutoring, we supplied them with a back-to-school package. We want to send them starting the new school year on the right foot.


All 4 One Tutoring LLC 's mission is to educate and empower those who want to have a positive social change and succeed to the best of his or her ability.

Summer and Job Postings 


by Staffer 

The summertime is here!! School has ended for most students. However, just because school has ended doesn’t mean that learning ends. All 4 One Tutoring LLC will have summer tutoring. 

For school-aged children, we will align sessions to entering grade Common Core State Standards. We have two research-based curriculums that we will use for sessions. Having learning/tutoring sessions will avoid Summer Slide

All 4 One Tutoring LLC will also have sessions for adults. Whether you want to learn a language, prepare for the accuplacer, or even the GED exam, we have you covered! 

Job Postings 

Company Trainer 

We’re seeking a contractual company trainer or trainers who will be responsible for training incoming employees and contractors and conducting trainings throughout the year. We’re seeking someone who will be able to do trainings in Maryland (mainly Baltimore City and County) and someone who will be able to do remote (online) trainings. If you’re able to do both, please state that in your cover letter. If interested, please send us your cover letter and resume to 

Marketing Intern 

We’re in need of a marketing intern. This internship can be remote or face-to-face. This internship will start unpaid and will become paid after 30 days. Visit our webpage for more details. 


Blended Learning


by Dr. Charice Hayes 

What is blended learning? 

Blended learning is traditional teaching combined with digital media or online learning. I like to also refer to this type of learning as “hybrid” learning. 

Why use blended learning?

  • Research suggests that blended learning is more effective than learning in a traditional setting. 
  • Blended learning improves digital literacy, along with online learning skills. 
  • Some teachers/professors are using flip learning
  • Blended learning aligns with college and workplace readiness. 

How can you transform a traditional classroom into a blended classroom? 

  • You can use online videos to supplement instruction. 
  • You can use the flipped learning model.
  • You can incorporate chats and discussion boards. 
  • You can use software such as

What are your thoughts on blended learning? Please share your thoughts. 

Why Learning Plans Are Important 


By Intern 

Learning plans (LPs) are effective ways to monitor progress. They are client/student-centered that focus on learning deficiencies and bridge the gap from deficiencies to efficiencies. 

All 4 One Tutoring gives a diagnostic assessment to clients and develops a learning plan based on the assessment. Clients are consulted on what they need to accomplish to achieve the goal of bridging the gap to from lower skills to higher skills. 

Here is a snapshot of a reading skill learning plan that was developed based on an assessment. 


A Year of Growth


by Charice Wofford, CEO

Thanks to you, it’s been an incredible year for All 4 One Tutoring.

We’ve tripled our team and increased and diversified our programming. We’ve started face-to-face tutoring in two states, after school programming, and adult education training. In addition, we have expanded our international clientele. We’ve proven that when leaders unite and work together under a shared goal, we can expand quality education and learning so that everyone can strive. We have big plans underway for 2015.

Here’s a look at what’s coming in 2015:
-more partnerships
-non-profit sector expansion
-21st century grant

I’d like to thank everyone who has had a positive impact and who has supported All 4 One Tutoring. Through empowerment and social change, let’s blossom.


Ken Burns Developing Online History Education Website ‘Chronoscribe’


Via education

Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns is working with Colorado engineers Jon Martinez and Jesus Salazar to create an online history education website known as Chronoscribe.

Chronoscribe would look like a virtual globe, with all the events of history placed on it, accessible to users much in the same way users can access Wikipedia, writes Debbie Kelley for The Gazette. The website also will include special tools for teachers and students for classroom use.

“The idea that history is for historians isn’t right. We’re living history all the time, but we distance ourselves from it, like we aren’t part of it,” Martinez said. “Chronoscribe makes people very much a part of history.”

They are hoping to raise $500,000 on the website in order to fund Chronoscribe’s start-up. The crowdfunding campaign will run for 60 days. In that time, individuals can invest as little as $1 into the project.

The trio would like to have the website up and running by 2015.

“It’s a key point to knowing history. You get a better sense of where people are coming from and why they are the way they are,” he said. “That understanding helps make the world a better place.”

Burns, a critically acclaimed historical documentarian, has been a vital resource for the project.

“He’s been doing historical research for decades and not only knows great subject matter, but also how data should be used and displayed,” Salazar said.

Burns is well known for such documentaries as The Civil War (1990), The War (2007), and Prohibition (2011). He has spent his career developing historical documentaries on all aspects of American life, including sports, music, technology, and nature.

Burns’ films are highly recognized in the film industry, and he has won multiple awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008.

His most recent documentary, “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History” looks into the lives of Franklin, Eleanor, and Theodore Roosevelt. A seven-part series, the documentary will be the first time the stories of all three people have been entwined, and will aim to show just what made these people the way they were.

The film offers viewers a look into the lives of the Roosevelts, covering 104 years. Much of the research was done at the FDR Library in Hyde Park, New York, according to John Barry for The Poughkeepsie Journal. Burns used many of Eleanor’s personal letters in the documentary.

Says Burns of the Roosevelts:

“(They) are at the center of what it means to be Americans,” he says. “It’s the center of our story. Everything that they dealt with then is topical now. What is the role of government? What can the citizen expect of the government? What is the nature of leadership? How does character form leadership? … What’s the nature of heroism? Isn’t heroism, in fact, a very complex negotiation, sometimes war between a person’s very obvious strengths and their equal and perhaps not so obvious weaknesses? (So this story) has three of the most amazing human beings you’ll want to get to know.”

The series will air on PBS on September 14-20, 2014.

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