Another Proud Moment! 


by Staff Contributor 

Just in time for National Poetry Month! All 4 One Tutoring is very excited and proud of our CEO, Dr. Charice Hayes. With the hectic role of running All 4 One Tutoring, she also takes time not only to teach others but write books. How exciting is that!!!

 Dr. Hayes just published a short book of empowering poems and quotes titled To Get You Through. This books encapsulates inspiring quotes and poems to keep you motivated and on path to whatever are your goals and desires. You can purchase the book at Barnes and Noble online. You can even download it in your Apple iBooks.

Dr. Hayes is also the author of two children’s books Tommy and His Cars and Tomasito y Sus Coches. These books can also be purchased in iBooks and


Why Learning Plans Are Important 


By Intern 

Learning plans (LPs) are effective ways to monitor progress. They are client/student-centered that focus on learning deficiencies and bridge the gap from deficiencies to efficiencies. 

All 4 One Tutoring gives a diagnostic assessment to clients and develops a learning plan based on the assessment. Clients are consulted on what they need to accomplish to achieve the goal of bridging the gap to from lower skills to higher skills. 

Here is a snapshot of a reading skill learning plan that was developed based on an assessment.