Spanish education ‘instills bicultural heritage’ in students


Source: Spanish education ‘instills bicultural heritage’ in students


Spanish I Course 


by Staff Contributor 

We’re so excited! We’re little over a week away from the launch of our Spanish I online course. We are using the Thinkific platform to deliver a wonderful engaging and learning environment. 

The course will use vocabulary and language structure through a series of activities designed for realistic communication which will allow you to achieve reading, spoken, written Spanish language skills.  

Be on the lookout for our Spanish I online course. You can go to our website on launch date July 10th! We have a demo here.

Spanish for the Hospitality Industry


By Charice Wofford CEO


The hotel and restaurant industry is rapidly growing. Because of this growth, culinary and hospitality programs and institutions have increased in enrollments. The culinary and hospitality industry also has a lot of Spanish-speaking workers, so it has become necessary for non-Spanish speaking managers, workers, and supervisors in this field to know some form of Spanish.  I know the importance of knowing Spanish in this industry, because I am not only the CEO of All 4 One Tutoring, but I am also a professor at a culinary and hospitality university.

If you are thinking about working in this industry, are currently working in this industry, or are teaching in this industry, I recommend two books to help you increase your conversational Spanish skills, Conversational Spanish for Hospitality Managers and Supervisors and Conversational Spanish for the Hospitality Classroom. Both books are authored by Matt A. Casado.



Describing People in Spanish


Rocket Languages has a wonderful online audio lesson for describing people in Spanish. We recommend our clients to use this as an additional resource.

You listen to the audio tutor speak a sentence describing a person in Spanish, then you can record yourself repeating that sentence. It’s fun and engaging.