How Do I Learn Best?


by Dr. Charice Hayes, Founder

Have you or your child(ren) said, “I study, but I just can’t get it” or “I just can’t get what the teacher/professor is saying in the class?”

Perhaps your study habits or class attentiveness is not align with how you absorb certain information. Yes, learning styles can be good. However, a number of techniques maybe better, such as the use of mnemonics. This is can be very complex to teachers. Yes you want to be inclusive of every student. However, every student absorbs information differently. This is the main reason All 4 One Tutoring customizes each clients’ one-on-one tutoring plan, and our tutors are trained on research-based techniques. Feel free to leave a comment.


What Are You Going to Do Winter Break?


by Dr. Charice Hayes, CEO

I’d thought that I should contribute/write the last couple of blog posts of 2017. It’s been an exciting and yet another progressive year for All 4 One Tutoring. I will write about that in our last post of 2017 next week.

Right now, a lot of students (whether college or school-aged) are on winter break. Parents, I’m sure that you have some wonderful activities planned for your child(ren). 🙂 College students, I’m certain that you’re excited about starting the next semester on your journey of earning your college degree in addition to getting a little rest after taking finals. 😌 I’d like to give you some ideas and things you can do over the winter break that will be fun but still incorporate learning.

Well, I think that one of the most important things you can do over the winter break is visit your local public library.

Yes, you can read books there and check audios, books, and DVDs out. However, most public libraries have scheduled engaging activities each month. Some libraries have activities for specific age groups.

I know it’s the holiday season and the malls and stores will have GREAT after Christmas sales. However, use your mall and store trips as a real-life learning experience. Parents of school-aged children, you can create math/story problems in your shopping experience. College students you can create/do something as well. Here are a few examples:

1. Macy’s has a Ralph Lauren shirt on sale for $19.99. You look at the price tag and the shirt was originally $49.99. What is the percent of decrease in the cost of the shirt? (This problem is typically geared toward middle-schoolers.)

2. Macy’s has a Ralph Lauren shirt on sale for $19.99. You look at the price tag and the shirt was originally $49.99. How much money will you save? (This problem is typically geared toward elementary students.)

3. Macy’s is one of your favorite stores, and you want to know why customers buy the things they do. You can research shopping behaviors and understand how products are priced. (This is typically geared toward college students who are majoring in business administration, marketing, fashion merchandising.)

Now, you’ve received all of these nice things for Christmas, and you have to make room for them. You may be getting ready to bring in the new year and want to clean your closet and drawers out. Winter break may be the perfect time to do so. While you’re cleaning out your closets and drawers, think about donating your unwanted items to a charity.

Usually around the holidays and winter break, I see a lot of people at the movie theater. Well why not use this activity as a learning experience? Parents of school-aged children, you can have your child(ren) discuss/write about the setting, the plot, the characters, and what he/she enjoyed the most about the movie.

I know a lot of you have, will receive, or give video game consoles for Christmas. Yes, some of the games are educational and engaging (e.g. Minecraft). However, why not spark some interest in creating your own video game and/or app? This would be an awesome thing to start to think about and begin the planning stages on winter break.

I hope that I’ve really sparked your interest in doing some, if not all, of these activities. You can even take the ideas I’ve given you and cater them to your liking.

Study Tips 


by Intern 

Studying is an integral part of learning. We have 3 core study tips that can help our clients and anyone else be successful. 

Motivation- You are to be receptive and motivated towards whatever content/material you are studying. If you say, “I hate algebra,” chances are that you’re not going to approach or be receptive to algebra to your fullest capacity. 

Time-management- It’s not really how much or long you study but what you get accomplish at a level you are comfortable with the content/material.

Teach it- Get someone who doesn’t understand the content/material and teach it to him/her. This forces you to organize and remember. Explaining a concept can really make you have a better appreciation of it. 😊


Study Tips


Start your school off on the right foot by employing good study habits. We recommend the following tips:

1. Have a good study space
It has been found that having a quiet and controlled study space, helps you produce better. However, others have found that listening to quiet subtle music may be effective also. Explore what makes you comfortable.

2. Know how you learn best
Everyone learns differently. differently. Some people can best recall information that they’ve seen, and others remember things they’ve heard. Take a learning style inventory to learn how you learn best. Here’s a link to one things they’ve heard (auditory), while others remember thingsLSI/LSI.htm

3. Use your technology
We are in a society in which smartphones are at your grasps. Set reminders every time you have an important assignment due or you have to work on a project.

4. Seek additional help
If you are lost on a particular assignment, or are not understanding a particular skill, get help. You can attend coach classes, have a peer to help you, or get a tutor. If you decide to seek a tutor, get an All 4 One Tutoring tutor.