A New School Year


by Intern

Well, a new school year is upon us. All 4 One Tutoring is prepping for another awesome and meaningful school for our clients and potential clients. We are so excited!

We began to test our iPads, tablets, and headphones. They get the most usage in our after-school program. We do so many engaging and enriching activities with them!

Testing, testing


Pairing activities not only engages students, but they also show how students can support on another to complete a task or assignment.

Pairing activity

School Supplies

For those school-aged clients who participated in our summer learning tutoring, we supplied them with a back-to-school package. We want to send them starting the new school year on the right foot.


All 4 One Tutoring LLC 's mission is to educate and empower those who want to have a positive social change and succeed to the best of his or her ability.

2015 Year in Review 


by Charice Wofford, CEO

It’s been another fabulous year for All 4 One Tutoring.  This past year, we’ve diversified and expanded our company and programming. Within the first few months of 2015, we established an office in the Pikesville, Maryland area.  At our office location, we provide tutoring and training. 

In the summer of 2015, we were able to run a summer tutoring program. We also added new tutors to our family this past summer. The summer of 2015 was spectacular. 

During the last quarter of 2015, All 4 One Tutoring formed a partnership with another educational company in India. We’re looking forward to great things in 2016 with this partnership. 

Our after-school program continues to get praise by administrators, community leaders, and parents. This school year, we initiated more project-driven instruction and projects. We are looking forward to finishing the school year with a field trip to a STEM center. How exciting!!!! 

Last but not least, for a second year in a row, we’ve been recognized as the best in Baltimore for “educational services.” We would like to thank the Baltimore Recognition Program for such a prestigious honor. Being the owner of such a blossoming and empowering organization is such an honor. We are proof that when we work together to achieve a shared goal, we can expand quality education and learning so that everyone can strive for positive social change. We have more plans underway for 2016!!!!


Here’s a look at what’s coming in 2016:

-more partnerships (international and nationwide)

-becoming an approved testing site for CASAS testing (for adult education)

-offering more training and workshops 

I’d like to thank everyone who has had a positive impact and who has supported All 4 One Tutoring. Together we can reach the goal of educational EMPOWERMENT. 

National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week


by Charice Wofford CEO

September 23rd through the 29th is National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week. Maryland Association for Adult Community and Continuing Education (MAACCE) partnered with South Baltimore Learning Center and Congressman John Sarbanes (Maryland’s 3rd District) to help kick off National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week in Maryland. The conference was held at South Baltimore Learning Center.

The purpose of this week is to raise public awareness of adult education and family literacy, assist adult learners in need of literacy services, leverage local resources, and support increased access to adult education and family literacy programs. literacy is vital to the quality of life and essential to create productive workers and citizens.

A Special Thanks


We’d like to thank all if our current and past clients for allowing us to provide excellent service to you. We appreciate the opportunity to be able to reach clients globally. Our tutors work hard to fulfill your needs to allow you to get a step closer in achieving your goals. Thank you.



Help Us Expand! Support Our Fundraiser


All 4 One Tutoring is doing a fundraising campaign to help raise funds to expand the business. With the funds raised,  money will be used add to the marketing budget to service more clients. Also,  more tutors will be hired to service more clients. All 4 One Tutoring currently is an online tutoring company, but would like to expand to a brick and mortar also. All 4 One Tutoring isn’t asking for much, any amount counts. Thank you for taking time to invest in the company’s future. Here the link to donate or you can fill out the form on our blog page on the left: